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Colony Crisis

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Appendix to Part II

In fact, this is really an appendix to Part I, as some of this is mentioned in the last chapter, "Transition Time."

The same region of the ship is featured again in "Ascent into Darkness."

This is my quickie sketch of the bridge tower, called the Spindle, which rises up from the very front of the Axiom's atrium. We see it many times in the film, but never from its left (port) side.

The starboard side doesn't have balconies, but it seemed unlikely to me that they'd make quarters for the Captain to be tiny and with no open air balconies at all. Since we never see the other side, even in the fly-through special features, it left me free to have them there.

It may be that this area gets more "screen time" later. My goal is to help you visualize the area, if you're interested.

On the "sail" portion, you're seeing a glass railing on each of several balconies. Behind this, there are narrow corridors leading in, and doors facing the balconies themselves.

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